6 - Lake Stella



Put In:  Lat/Long 29°26’05”/81°30’52”       

             Lake Stella Park (364 Grand Rondo East, Crescent City, FL)

Take Out:  Same as Put In

Distance:  4 miles

Planned Stops: None

Difficulty:  Beginner

Estimated Time:  2 hours

Narrative Description:  Lake Stella is located in to the west of the traffic light in Crescent City. There are two put-ins: a public concrete boat ramp at the western end of Central Ave., and a sandy beach located in the city’s park on Grand Rondo.  Restrooms and parking are located at the city park. 

The lake has an island and four coves creating pristine and secluded paddling. There are large grass and lily pad patches. There are birding opportunities here including the elusive limpkin, wood duck, sand hill crane and bald eagle. A rookery is located near the put-ins on the opposite shore.

This paddle is sheltered most of the time and windy conditions do not present a problem. The lake is subject to motorized boat traffic so take caution if you hear boats approaching. 

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